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Model of skill acquisition

Posted on: October 18, 2010

If you have ever been a manager and managed team of people, you’ll identify with this…

Novice:  ants to be given a manual, told what to do, with no decisions possible

Advanced beginner: needs a bit of freedom, but is unable to quickly describe a hierarchy of which parts are more important than others

Competent: wants the ability to make plans, create routines and choose among activities

Proficient: The more freedom you offer, the more you expect, the more you’ll get

Expert: writes the manual, doesn’t follow it.

1 Response to "Model of skill acquisition"

Interesting post.

BTW, You mentioned @ bangaloreocc that you are looking for Interaction Design training. My start-up team has an Interaction design expert who is a graduate from NID and has in depth know how of this field. We had a discussion about your post and he said short training in Interaction Design will not really help. What are your expectations from such a training session ? e-mail me for further discussion.

We don’t focus on training but we are looking forward to churn out cool products working in collaboration with individual developers or firms. Right now we do not have a dedicated development team.

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